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When the weekend starts on a Monday!

Hospitality is that weird world where your busiest times are the weekends and our ‘weekends’ are usually on a Monday and Tuesday. This all means that when we re-open on a Wednesday, it feels like the start of the week but of course, everyone else is halfway through! So if you do happen to visit on a Wednesday and we ask how your weekend was, just smile – we work in a different dimension lol!
So last week we were working on ideas for our takeaway afternoon tea packaging and we can now confirm that we have found a company that can actually make them! Yay! It will be a couple of weeks before they arrive so we can’t show any pictures just yet but they should be ready for Valentine’s day *fingers crossed*

We’re now on Snapchat!
Something else we have been working on (when I say ‘we’, I mean Mr. Tipsy) is our Snapchat frames and filters. For the last 4 days Mr. Tipsy has locked himself away in front of a PC and huffed and puffed, tutted and sworn until yesterday, he emerged announcing that by this weekend – Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd January, you will be able to take your pics and use our pretty filters- how cute is that!
If you do take a pic with our filters and frames, don’t forget to mention us and tag us in your stories so that we can share it on ours too 😊 and spare a thought for the rest of our family who have had to live with the miserable bugger whilst he worked out how to do it haha!
It’s weird though, I keep getting those Google photo memories coming up of the photos I took whilst we were building Tipsy. Wow! The difference! it’s even hard for us to work out what bit was where. I’ll definitely see if I can get Mr. Tipsy to use his photo wizardry to create a ‘before’ and ‘after’ blend (but I’ll wait until he’s recovered from his Snapchat strop first!)

Hen party central!
We’ve been getting lots and lots of bookings for Hen parties, which is fantastic as we kinda had this in mind when we were designing the décor – to be very female friendly! What is even better is that we were contacted last week to take part in a shoot for a well-known wedding magazine with lots of fantastic wedding suppliers in the Norfolk area. We had our first initial meeting and it’s been agreed that the shoot will take place at Tipsy! Of course, we’ll be able to share the ‘behind the scenes’ pics on our socials and then, once the feature is published, we can share the finished article. How exciting!

Extended hours!
You might have seen our social media post about our extended hours, but in case you didn’t, we will be open until midnight every Friday and Saturday from now on! We always felt that the party was just getting started at about 10 pm then we had to finish at 11 pm so now we get that extra hour to make your night extra special! So Cinders, you shall go to the ball!

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