Restaurant in Kings LynnThe restaurant at Tipsy teapot is the perfect place to eat in Kings Lynn. Whether it’s a casual get-together amongst friends, a bite to eat at lunch, a full scale birthday dinner or to celebrate a life event, Tipsy teapot restaurant offers the perfect ambience and setting to suit the occasion.

Set against a backdrop of quirky design, old fashioned service and imaginative décor, the menu continues the fantasy theme with a ‘Through the looking glass’ eating out experience.

Starters or Tapas?
Starters are replaced with ‘Tea party Tapas’ dishes which can also be combined to create the perfect main course to suit your own tastes and preferences.

Burgers or hanging skewers?
Burgers are given an imaginative twist with such delights as the peanut butter & jelly burger (contains actual peanut butter and unique red grape jelly), Tiki burger (with malibu mayo and pineapple salsa) and the infamous Fondu burger (with melted cheese ‘well’ for dipping your fries). Hanging skewers replace the more traditional chicken breast or steak dishes found in less imaginative restaurants.

Sunday roast wrap!
Sundays are even given the Tipsy twist with a full on Sunday roast ………wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding! Perfect for takeaways and eating on the go.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options are also catered for in each and every section of the menu so everyone in the group always has plenty to choose from, even mini mingos have their own menu with little bites to feast on.
So whether you are popping in for a quick lunchtime bap or wrap or want to linger longer with some tapas style nibbles or whether you are looking for a full blown multi course feast with dessert – Tipsy teapot is an experience you’ll want to repeat again and again!

 Baps & Wraps

Served Daily Between 12pm - 4pm

The humble lunchtime sandwich offers the perfect canvas for innovation and imagination.
At Tipsy teapot we like to unlock familiar flavours and pair them in new and unexpected combinations for that Tipsy teapot signature taste experience.

All available on wholemeal, white or GF bread or wrapped in a flour tortilla served with dusted parsnip, beetroot and carrot crisps!

Grilled Chicken Breast, Lettuce and Tomato with Sweet Grape Jam £5.95

Cajun & Lemon Prawn with Smashed Avocado and Tomato £ 6.95

Battered Fish Goujons with Lemon & D ill Mayo £5.95

Bacon, Egg & Avocado £5.95

Eggplant, Tomato & Rocket with Hummus (VE) £5.95

Philly Cheese Sub £5.95

Tea Party Tapas

Choose individually as a side dish or mix and match to create our very own tapas tea party.
Individually £4.50        3 for £12.00       6 for £22.00

Honey Bacon & Onion Donuts
with Melted Cheese Custard

Grape Jam Burger Bites (GF)

Pimentos Chorizo (GF)
in red wine sauce

Pork Belly Bites
In sticky BBQ Treacle, Spring onions and Black Sesame seeds

Breaded Chicken Goujons
with Sriracha Mayo

Spiced Jambalaya Balls (VE)
with Picante Salsa

Fish Goujons
with Tangy Lime, Lemon & Dill Mayo

Falafel Snaffle Cakes (VE)
with Apple Sauce

Mini Mac & Cheese
with Chilli Dip

Mixed Manchego & Chorizo Churros
with Salsa Dip

Crispy Collie Bites (VE)
with Honey Mustard Sauce 

Baby Jacket Potatoes (VE available GF)
with Crème Fraiche & Chives 

Pom Pom Potatoes (GF, VE)
with Ketchup

Balsamic Garlic Mushrooms (GF, VE)

BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings (GF)

Crispy Halloumi in a Sweet Chilli Glaze (GF, V)

Hummus with Pine Nuts, Sultanas & Pitta (VE)

Roasted Mushrooms, Pumpkin Seed & Egg Plant Rolls (VE, GF)

Red Thai Jackfruit Curry (VE, GF)

Garlic & Chilli Paprika King Prawns (GF)


Frickles £2.50
Battered Pickles with Ketchup

Onion Rung Hula £3.00
Giant Onion Rings with Ketchup & Mustard

Wing Roulette

Which one will you get?
Sign the waiver and take your chances with wing roulette.
5 wings glazed with our delicious sticky bourbon BBQ but 1 is glazed with the Carolina reaper chilli – the world’s hottest chilli measuring Scoville 1.6million – 2.2million SHU. (GF)
(Each party member must sign an individual waiver of indemnity)



Hanging Skewers

Glorious grilled meats and veggies, threaded on hanging skewers.

(Rump steak cooked medium rare as standard.
Please notify your server if you have a different preference.)

Non meat £12.00

Meat £14.00

1. Choose your skewer

  • Rump Steak (GF)
  • Chicken (GF)
  • Pork Belly & Chorizo (GF)
  • Halloumi (VG, GF)
  • Veggies (VE, GF)

2. Choose your sauce

  • Merlot Gravy
  • Garlic Oil (VE, GF)
  • Chilli Oil (VE, GF)

3. Choose Side
Baby Jacket Potatoes (VE, GF) Golden Fries (VE, GF)

Tipsy Smash Burgers

Peanut Butter & Jelly Burger £14.50 (GF)
Double beef smash burger, cheese, bacon, peanut butter and fig jam.

Prime 8oz Cheeseburger £13.00 (GF)
Juicy 8oz smash burger with melted cheese, pickle, tomato and lettuce.

Pina Burger £14.00 (GF)
Grilled chicken breast, coconut pina mayo with fresh pineapple & herb salsa

Veggie Burger £13.00 (VE, GF)
With sweet red onion and fig jam

Fondue Burger £15.50 (GF)
16oz of seasoned prime minced beef, hand for med with a special well, double layered with cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle & bacon. We pour the gooey hot cheese into the well for a fondue burger that
is the stuff of dreams!

Upgrade to Sweet Potato Fries add £1.50 Add a Portion of Frickles £2.50
6 Regular Battered Onion Rings with Ketchup & Mustard £3.00

All our smash burgers are made in house, using fresh minced steak with our very own magical seasoning then hand flattened to perfection. All burgers are served with our house rub fries and silky slaw. (GF versions available on all burgers)


Situated on the ground floor of Tipsy teapot, the restaurant is your first introduction to Mingo Keith’s world of wonder. The intrepid adventurer and explorer has combined all the magical tastes and flavours he discovered on his wild adventures down the rabbit hole and beyond, to create an eating out experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Expect the unexpected and open your mind to bacon and onion donuts with cheese custard, BBQ treacle and even peanut butter and jelly burgers in a taste experience like nowhere else on earth!

Dine under the top hat lights or in-front of the art deco arches and enjoy eating out as a whole new adventure. Dishes have a universal appeal with more than a sprinkling of Mad hatter’s tea party about them.

The tea party tapas menu is definitely one to try. Small plates of deliciousness, designed to tempt carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free tastebuds with more than a generous sprinkle of imagination. Hanging skewers add a touch of theatre and the smash burgers are loaded with flavour (created, as they are, using Mingo Keith’s top secret wonderland recipe).

Lunch or dinner adventures don’t stop there as desserts are not to be missed, especially the teacup cheesecakes, pink meringos and the ice cream sundae casserole!

Being blessed with an adventurous nature, Mingo Keith also wanted to provide an extra spectacular challenge for even the most voracious of appetites. For those seeking a man V food style eating challenge, the ‘beat the meat’ challenge is definitely a reason for a special visit!

At Tipsy teapot, you don’t have to wait for an occasion. It’s always time for a tea party!