New year, New Ideas

Hurrah! Its 2022 and the start of a shiny, brand new year! Well, despite all the negativity for hospitality at the end of 2021, New year’s Eve was an absolute blast with people travelling from all over Norfolk just to come and see in the New year at Tipsy! One group came all the way from Lowestoft after seeing us on Instagram! Can you believe that? Honestly, you could have knocked both Mr Tipsy and I down with a feather when we were told that. How amazing! Its strange though because all this week we’ve been chatting with customers and even though it’s the very first week in January,  usually a pretty dead time for hospitality, we’ve welcomed people from Newmarket, Suffolk,  Brentwood, Essex and a gentleman from Alabama USA (although he was here visiting family so probably doesn’t count lol). Its always great to chat to customers and find out where they are from, what they are up to and what made them come to see us, so don’t be afraid to come up and say ‘Hi!’ when you are in.

With the first week of 2022 under our belt, our thoughts are turning to all the events and new stuff we have planned for the rest of the year. Luckily, it seems that the dreaded Omicron is milder than anticipated and public confidence is much stronger than even we had hoped for and bookings are coming in thick and fast!  Our new Afternoon Teas are definitely proving popular so Mr Tipsy has had to make even more of the special chandeliers we use for serving. Whilst everyone else was enjoying a few days off over the Christmas period, he was at the kitchen table at home, patiently waiting for me to finish which plates would look best, before attaching them ready for service. Just wait until he see’s the forty candelabra Ive bought for another little idea of mine 😊

Whilst Mr Tipsy was busy with the chandeliers, I’ve been busy coming up with the packaging for our takeaway afternoon teas. Obviously we cant deliver them on a chandelier but we wanted to do something different than the usual cake boxes that everyone else uses. It’s a Tipsy Afternoon tea after all! Both Mr Tipsy and Clare, our Manager love the final look, so watch this space for an impending reveal!

For the party bar, we’ve come up with a fun new ‘thing’ we plan to do every Friday and Saturday night. Need to speak with our resident DJ Andy as it will involve him announcing it and we’ll also have to ask one of our gorgeous bartenders if they are feeling brave enough to take part in ‘power hour’.  We’ll see what happens!

Until, next week – Lets get Tipsy! xoxoxo


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