Mingo Bingo


Mingo Bingo


1 February 2024 - 2 February 2024    
8:30 pm - 10:45 pm

Its eyes-down at 8.30 sharp so it would be best to start arriving from 7.30-8pm.

At your table you will notice a large Bingo card waiting for you. It will have squares with songs and their artistes on it. Once we start the game, you need to mark off the correct song to the one that you hear playing – just like normal bingo. At the same time as listening and singing along to the music, you will be making your first cocktail!

The ingredients will all be brought to your table in cute little labelled bottles and jugs ‘Alice in wonderland’ style together with the mixers and garnish you will need to make the cocktail.

At some point in the listening, making and drinking – someone will mark off a line on their bingo card. If this is you – jump up and down, make as much noise as you can and your table wins a prize! Yay!

Once a line has been won, we have a 10 minute ‘dance interval’ where you can get up and have a jig, go to the loo, pop out for a smoke or whatever whilst we clear away the empty bottles and replace them with the ingredients for the next cocktail.

After 10 minutes we do it all again but this time with a new cocktail. Again, if you mark off the next line – jump up and down, make as much noise as you can to win a prize!

Another 10 minute dance interval where we replace everything for the 3rd cocktail and this time we go for the Full House. If you get the full house, you shout ‘Mingo Bingo’ and your table wins a free cocktail for everyone on your table. After this we’ll be playing more party music for you to have a dance to and you can purchase more drinks if you wish – Its full table service as always.

That’s roughly what to expect so bring your loudest voices, your biggest smiles as we’ll be taking pics for our socials. the perfect hen party gathering or night out with friends you could possibly have!

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